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Artist Statement

I Am Tired Of Not Having Fun

I create theatre because I am always looking for an antidote to loneliness. I believe that everyone is lonely. I make performances in which the audience is empowered to interact as a means of creating temporary communities in which strangers are, briefly, asked to take care of each other.

I believe that theatre is like yoga for your empathy. Through theatre, it is possible to activate the imagination in order to facilitate empathy. I believe that both empathy and the imagination need to be practiced daily. (My job is to make it enjoyable!)

I create theatrical spaces that are a lot of fun to play in together

because I am tired of not having fun.

I create sandboxes to imagine and practice better ways of being.

I create theatre that combines the low and the lofty.

I create performances that I don't know how to make yet, and work from my own obsessions.

None of my plays are ever complete until you are there with me.

A good show is half play-date and half seder. 

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