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Plays and Projects


A play for no actors about dissecting a squid, in which audience members take turns performing for one another, leading exercises, and facilitating discussion. 

  • Private workshop performance - April 25th, 2019

  • Workshop performance at Play Date at Pete’s - April 15th, 2019  

  • Workshop performance at Queen’s College - March 18th, 2019

  • Developed as part of MORE Art’s Engaging Artists fellowship


A song cycle with narration and prompted conversation, created to reframe, reclaim, and defame the Ronald Reagan legacy. 

  • Selection performed at WalkUpArts’ Spring Preview, April 7th, 2019

  • Workshop performance at University Settlement, March 1st - 2nd, 2019

  • Selection performed at WalkUpArts’ Backyard Backers are Back and Better than Ever!, December 21st, 2018

  • Developed as part of University Settlement’s Performance Project Fellowship

The End of the World Bar and Bathtub

Touring to audience members' own bathtubs, and performed for only two people at a time. The world is ending, and Philip has found the one place to survive.


A five play series of highly interactive solo performances for intimate audiences.

  • The Jester and the Dragon (The Tank), Dir. Stefanie Harris, February 2018

  • The End of the World Bar and Bathtub (Touring), Dir. Audrey Frischman, March 2018 - Ongoing

  • God Likes You (The Tank), Dir. Stefanie Harris, April 2018

  • Baby Jessica’s Well-Made Play (Touring), Dir. Isabel Quinzaños Alonso, June 2018

  • odysseus tied to the masT (The Tank), Dir. Sarah Stites, July 2018


A farcical, anti-capitalist adaptation of Sophocles smash hit.

  • Staged reading as part of WalkUpArts’ Backyard Backers, December 2017.


A play / improv show / musical / vaudeville hybrid that uses the iconic host and actor as a jumping off point to bring audiences to laugh, tell jokes, and write poems together.

  • Produced by WalkUpArts at University Settlement, December 2016

  • Staged Reading at Play Date at Pete’s, November 2016

Genius, Inc.

Based on first-hand texts and apocryphal tales, this short play tells the story of the fateful first date between Julian Beck and Judith Malina.

  • Staged Reading at The Martin E. Segal Center, November 2016

  • Commissioned by The Martin E. Segal Center

God Likes You

Loosely based on St. Augustine’s Confessions. A young woman’s obsession with sin brings her to the edge of despair - and only the audience can help.

  • Produced by WalkUpArts as part of SMALL PLAYS FOR GIANTS, April 2018

  • Produced by Anna Woodruff at Columbia University as part of the And You Try To Become A Bird festival, Dir. Mark Hairston, August 201

I Live With William Walker

William Walker is my brother, Ronald Reagan is my father, and my mother is a giantess in this play about growing up between two cultures.

  • Workshop performance at Columbia University, May 2016

The Byrd Gang Poems

A finger puppet performance of original poems, featuring the mysterious Byrd Gang and its many members.

  • Produced as part of WalkUpArts’ Night of Fear, an evening of horror themed performances occurring in the different rooms of an apartment, October 2015

The Life of the Theatre

An original adaptation of Julian Beck’s diary of the same name, using the tools of The Living Theatre to tell the story of the company’s early years.

  • Produced by The Living Theatre, WalkUpArts, and Horse Trade Theatre Group at Under St. Marks, December 2014

  • Produced by The Living Theatre and WalkUpArts at Burning Man, August 2014

  • Produced by The Living Theatre and Hofstra University at Studio 440, May 2013  

Alone With Living Creatures: Pierre D. Through Those Who Knew Him

Inspired by Sophie Calle’s The Address Book. A play exploring intimacy and the impossible desire to understand one another, performed in the actors own home.

  • Produced by WalkUpArts, June 2014

Also In Development...

Email me to learn more

  • Chekhov's Oeuvre (OOH-vrah)

  • my MLM play  

  • Ammon/Ammon

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